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Why Tennis?

Working in the fashion industry and being an avid tennis player, I’ve never understood why tennis apparel has remained so outdated and “lame” . Watching my friends prefer their everyday cotton t-shirts and shorts rather than the typical matching dry-fit polo/shorts made me feel I was not alone. Why shouldn’t tennis apparel be comfortable and versatile enough to be worn both on and off-court.

With our brand’s heritage in contemporary menswear and the growing diversity of people playing it, there’s a demand for a brand to help represent them; YONY tennis was born to serve.

-Johnny Schwartz

Founder/Creative Director

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One of a Series

Meet Allen

To understand YONY is to get to know Johnny's relationship with his dad, Allen. For the release of YONY Tennis, Johnny and Allen sat down to talk about the clothing industry in general, why tennis has been neglected for so long and stories from past years on the tennis court.

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