Our Story

EST. 2020? This is usually a statement, not a question. It’s hard to understand why a brand would launch at such a time. Yet, maybe it’s the best time. We are in a moment that demands change both in how we operate and the aesthetic we present.

YONY exists to shift menswear to a more sophisticated look, while creating the most transparent and ethical supply chain possible. 

Our clothing represents a refined take on Americana. Inspired by the 50s, we create clothing to modernize a look that is long lost. We challenge ourselves to design pieces that will last for years to come.

Made in Los Angeles, USA from start to finish.

Our Process

Our Fabrics

It doesn’t start and stop with production. Fabrics, buttons, zippers, packaging and many more components are key to a brand and what it stands for. This belief is core to how we make our clothing. 

Whenever possible, our fabrics are sustainable and produced in the United States from start to finish. For the materials we source abroad, we’ve worked with our vendors to ensure that our fabrics are made in their country of origin from A to Z. As we grow, we will continue to provide transparency in our supply chain.

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