Meet Allen, Johnny's Dad

Hear from Johnny and his dad, Allen, about the state of the clothing industry, tennis and their relationship overall.

I’ve introduced my dad a little bit since I started YONY. He’s the reason why the brand is inspired by the styling of the 50s; but he is also the root of a lot of pieces of my life. ⁠ ⁠ He is the one that taught me the clothing industry - he’s a 60 year vet and so were his mom and dad - he is the one that made me watch a Bronx Tale 20 times and he is the one that showed me how to play tennis. ⁠ ⁠ The sport is something that we bonded over - I aspired to be better than him, have bigger shots than him and most of all be his doubles partner. From his tennis buddies to his signature trash talk, I wanted in on the tennis crew.⁠ ⁠ -Johnny Schwartz Founder/Creative Director

Court Confessions

Listen to Allen discuss his worst calls on the court and how that affected his play.


Allen explains his trash talking style and how playing baseball influenced his manners on the tennis court.

Not Like Us

Allen and Johnny discuss Allen's style on the court and how that influenced Johnny's direction with YONY.

One Of Won

Allen shares his winning-appearance style and how important is one's "image".

The Crew

Allen introduces us to his close tennis crew and their unique nicknames.

No Guts No Glory

Allen speaks on why one's personality reflects in their dressing choices and about risk taking.

Playing Up

Johnny and Allen recalling nostalgic memories from the tennis lifestyle and the need for constant evolvement.

In Our DNA

Johnny discusses his vision for for the activewear division as a fundamental part of YONY's tennis DNA.

Be Special

Johnny and Allen discuss how important is for activewear to make you feel good on and off the court.
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As someone that works in the clothing industry and is an avid tennis player, I never understood why the sport’s apparel was so “lame”. The dri-fit shirts, stiff polo colors, random crazy stripe prints, it never made sense to me.

Why Tennis?

I grew up surrounded by the tennis crew. I wanted to be a part of the game, the yelling, the hanging out. Our tennis collection is about bringing that feeling to life.

Bruce Davidson's "Brooklyn Gang"

Bruce Davidson is a legendary American photographer. He focuses on capturing people who are deemed as outliers or on the fringes of their societal surroundings.

One work of his in particular - "Brooklyn Gang" - helped influence and refine our brand identity.


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